The album is coming soon!!!

Just a short blog today… I received an email from the album production company that indicated that production is complete and the album will be shipped tomorrow (2-5-2015). If you didn’t pre-order it, be sure to check back in the next week or so. It will be available on CD and iTunes.

Is TPT on the menu?

IMG 1357

It’s been a while since our last blog, so we have lots of updates. First, I feel like I should say something about the picture above. We had a great time last night (10-4-2014) playing at Dan McGuinness in Edmond, Oklahoma. Of course, how could we not love the marquee? Every time someone gives us a questionable look (often accompanied by, “huh?”) when we tell them the band’s name, it affirms our belief that we made a good choice. Nearly everthing is wrong about this sign, which is why it is so perfect. Just think, there had to be at least a few people that drove past this sign and though, “Wow, Dan McGuinness has a live 10 pound turtle.” Or maybe they thought, the Saturday night dinner special is a live 10 pound turtle. By the way, the fact that “turtle” is singular on the sign is the piece de resistance. You know there was at least one person who thought, “damn, I better hurry up and get in there before they sell that 10 LB turtle."

In other news, Ten Pound Turtles recorded the last 3 tracks of our debut CD and have begun to play a few of them at our shows. So far, the feedback has been very positive. All that is left is final mixing, mastering, and CD production. Check back soon for more details!

Lots of updates...

Mary River03.JPG

So, I googled “weird turtle” so that I could include an interesting picture with this blog, and this is what I got. Apparently, this is a Mary River Turtle that inhabits Queensland, Australia. It appears this particular turtle is partial to rock and roll, given his green mohawk, soul patch, and slightly-stoned facial expression.

It’s been a long time since the last update, but the updates should be more frequent now that I am using new web-development software on my home Mac. First off, I’m excited to announce that Brandon Ingham and Tylar Callaham have joined the band to play drums and guitar, respectively. We’ve had three practices with this lineup and there is no doubt in my mind the band is now sounding better than ever. You can expect to hear more originals from our upcoming and future CDs, as well as intense jams with alternating guitar solos, killer bass lines, and rock steady drumming.

Speaking of CDs, TPT is returning to the study on Friday (8/1/2014) to begin recording the final three songs for our debut CD. Our hope is that the CD will be completed in September and the release party will be sometime in October or November. Although there may be a few suprises, here is the track list for the CD (in no specific order):



New York State

Fade Into You

Leaving Soon



Ballad of Rick

F# minor thing (untitled)

As I mentioned in a previous blog, this CD will not include any of our blues tunes. However, we are planning to immediately begin the blues CD after the above tracks are complete. In other words, there shouldn’t be much lag between the release of the CDs. So, don’t dismay if you were looking forward to a CD similar to our live shows… it’s in the works and will likely include the full lineup (i.e., Tylar and Brandon).

Finally, Gibby from the Aaron Woods Band sat-in and played keyboard during our practice last Sunday, and he absolutely killed it. It looks like he is going to play some shows with us, which will definitely take our sound to a whole new level. Maybe we’ll be able to talk him into joining the band as a full member…

That’s it for now. I’ll try to post some photos and videos after the studio session on Friday, so be sure to check back often.

It’s been a busy few months...

I recently checked our website to see how many visits/views we have had, and I realized two things: (1) We have almost had 1000 page views, and (2) I haven’t updated the site in a loooooooong time. With regards to the first point, we’re exceptionally excited to learn that nearly 1000 people have viewed our site. That may not seem like many in the context of today’s world of social media, but keep in mind that this is a private website that is not hosted by a social media page. In other words, people had to actively seek this site if they wanted to see it.

Ten Pound Turtles has been exceptionally busy. Danny pointed out that we have played approximately 17 shows in the past 6 months, which is nearly as many as we played per year in our previous band. We playedat a number of new bars and locations and met some great people. Big thanks to the locals in Perry, OK for making us feel so welcomed! You made our night when you stuck around till the end and asked for our autographs! Hopefully we’ll make it back sometime in 2014. If you didn’t have a chance to catch us this year, you have one last chance before the new year. Our last gig of 2013 will be at the Fox in Ponca City, OK on November 9th.

In other news, we have been working hard on the upcoming album in the studio. We have nearly completed 7 songs and plan to record 2-3 more. Hopefully the album will be ready in mid-to-late spring. We’ll also begin work on our short blues/blues-rock EP at that time. One thing is absolutely undeniable - the two albums are going to sound like two completely different bands. If you’ve heard us live, you know that we play predominantly blues/blues-rock. However, the first CD has more of an indie-pop vibe. It’s sounds a bit like a mix of John Mayer, Soul Patrol, the Wallflowers, and Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Be sure to check out the updates on the photos and videos pages!

Long overdue update...

Jim reminded me (Matt) the other day that it has been a long time since the website was last updated, so here we are (that reminds me of a Jason Mraz lyric). Since the last update, TPT has played a number of shows and been back to the studio three times.

So far, we’re exceptionally excited about the progress that we have made in the studio. We have nearly completed the recording of four songs and have three more that are almost ready to begin tracking. A funny thing has happened, however; the album is now officially a pop-indie-rock album. If you have seen us play live (if not check out the Voodoo Chile and Texas Flood videos on the Videos tab), you may be wondering how/why a blues band is recording a pop-rock album. When Danny and I first conceptualized this project, it was intended to be a blues/blues-rock band similar to Ian Moore’s earlier albums. Although I often write songs with the intention that “the next one” will be a blues tune. We now have six songs that are essentially indie/pop/rock, and there just isn’t going to be room on the CD for blues (it just wouldn’t fit). Instead of fighting it and trying to make the CD something it isn’t, we’ve decided to submit to the pop and finish the CD without any blues-based music (although one tune, “Before Love,” is arguably blues based). If you enjoy our live shows and are disappointed that our blues tunes (Ode to Waffle House, Good Man Feeling Bad, Love for Free, etc.) won’t be represented on the CD, don’t despair. Once this CD is complete, we intend to return to the studio to record a short blues/blues-rock EP. We’ve also talked about packaging the CDs together, but that is still up in the air.

In other news, because our focus has been on song writing and recording, we haven’t been as vigilant about booking gigs. However, we hope to book more soon, so be sure to check back for updates on our show dates. If you haven’t already, Like us on Facebook so that you will receive updates.

That’s it for now. 

First Gig Completed, Studio Time, & The Turtlecorn

We had our first gig as Ten Pound Turtles on 2/8/2012, and it was an absolute blast. Although Danny and I have played at The Fox many, many times over the last few years, and we felt pretty confident about our songs, we both admitted that we were fairly nervous going into it and were happy the first gig was behind us. There were a lot of unknowns, such as whether the new PA equipment would hold up, and whether we had enough material to cover the whole night. I’m very happy to report that everything went as smooth as a turtlecorn’s belly (see above pic and discussion below). Needless to say, Jim SLAYED the drums throughout the night and his drum solos stole the show!! We can’t wait to play there again and hope to book some gigs in Stillwater soon. Speaking of Stillwater gigs, Danny and I will be playing an acoustic show at The Harbor in Stillwater on March 22nd. We’d love to see you there.

Also, we are stoked to be returning to the studio on March 15th (Matt’s birthday - he accepts gifts). We hope to record 2-3 more songs and will post samples of both on this website and ReverbNation. A few people have asked why we didn’t post the entire version of Outside, so I thought I would mention it here. Although we’re very happy with the song so far, it’s not yet complete. We want to wait to post the entire song after it is finished and mixed well.

Finally, I think turtlecorns are my new favorite mythological beast... or at least a close runner up to dragons, Pegasus, and hippocampi (or whatever the plural of hippocampus is). Consider this astounding fact for a minute: I typed “unicorn” and “turtle” into google and found a number of pictures of unicorn-turtles (“turtlecorns”). Someone else actually thought to put a horn on a turtle!!! Not only that, but there were plenty of options to choose from, AND the file name for the pic that I ripped off from the internet was “turtlecorn.” How freakin‘ ridiculously awesome is that?!?!  

Recording “Outside”

We completed our first day of recording the new album. We were able to mostly complete “Outside” and only have a few minor tweaks before it is completely finished. We are planning to return to the studio in February with hopes to record 2-3 more songs. Check out our photos and videos from the studio and you will be able to get a rough idea of the song. 

First Recording Date is Scheduled!

Our first day of recording the new album is officially scheduled for January 18th! We can’t wait to get into the studio to begin tracking some of these songs that we have been working so hard on for the last few years.

Brand New Band and Website

Ten Pound Turtles the band is just getting started, but I managed to find some time today to begin development of the website. Our first gig is scheduled for The Fox in Ponca City, OK on 2/8/2012. We can’t wait to play our first show and would love to see you there. Check back soon for website updates!


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