First Gig Completed, Studio Time, & The Turtlecorn

We had our first gig as Ten Pound Turtles on 2/8/2012, and it was an absolute blast. Although Danny and I have played at The Fox many, many times over the last few years, and we felt pretty confident about our songs, we both admitted that we were fairly nervous going into it and were happy the first gig was behind us. There were a lot of unknowns, such as whether the new PA equipment would hold up, and whether we had enough material to cover the whole night. I’m very happy to report that everything went as smooth as a turtlecorn’s belly (see above pic and discussion below). Needless to say, Jim SLAYED the drums throughout the night and his drum solos stole the show!! We can’t wait to play there again and hope to book some gigs in Stillwater soon. Speaking of Stillwater gigs, Danny and I will be playing an acoustic show at The Harbor in Stillwater on March 22nd. We’d love to see you there.

Also, we are stoked to be returning to the studio on March 15th (Matt’s birthday - he accepts gifts). We hope to record 2-3 more songs and will post samples of both on this website and ReverbNation. A few people have asked why we didn’t post the entire version of Outside, so I thought I would mention it here. Although we’re very happy with the song so far, it’s not yet complete. We want to wait to post the entire song after it is finished and mixed well.

Finally, I think turtlecorns are my new favorite mythological beast... or at least a close runner up to dragons, Pegasus, and hippocampi (or whatever the plural of hippocampus is). Consider this astounding fact for a minute: I typed “unicorn” and “turtle” into google and found a number of pictures of unicorn-turtles (“turtlecorns”). Someone else actually thought to put a horn on a turtle!!! Not only that, but there were plenty of options to choose from, AND the file name for the pic that I ripped off from the internet was “turtlecorn.” How freakin‘ ridiculously awesome is that?!?!