It’s been a busy few months...

I recently checked our website to see how many visits/views we have had, and I realized two things: (1) We have almost had 1000 page views, and (2) I haven’t updated the site in a loooooooong time. With regards to the first point, we’re exceptionally excited to learn that nearly 1000 people have viewed our site. That may not seem like many in the context of today’s world of social media, but keep in mind that this is a private website that is not hosted by a social media page. In other words, people had to actively seek this site if they wanted to see it.

Ten Pound Turtles has been exceptionally busy. Danny pointed out that we have played approximately 17 shows in the past 6 months, which is nearly as many as we played per year in our previous band. We playedat a number of new bars and locations and met some great people. Big thanks to the locals in Perry, OK for making us feel so welcomed! You made our night when you stuck around till the end and asked for our autographs! Hopefully we’ll make it back sometime in 2014. If you didn’t have a chance to catch us this year, you have one last chance before the new year. Our last gig of 2013 will be at the Fox in Ponca City, OK on November 9th.

In other news, we have been working hard on the upcoming album in the studio. We have nearly completed 7 songs and plan to record 2-3 more. Hopefully the album will be ready in mid-to-late spring. We’ll also begin work on our short blues/blues-rock EP at that time. One thing is absolutely undeniable - the two albums are going to sound like two completely different bands. If you’ve heard us live, you know that we play predominantly blues/blues-rock. However, the first CD has more of an indie-pop vibe. It’s sounds a bit like a mix of John Mayer, Soul Patrol, the Wallflowers, and Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Be sure to check out the updates on the photos and videos pages!