Lots of updates...

Mary River03.JPG

So, I googled “weird turtle” so that I could include an interesting picture with this blog, and this is what I got. Apparently, this is a Mary River Turtle that inhabits Queensland, Australia. It appears this particular turtle is partial to rock and roll, given his green mohawk, soul patch, and slightly-stoned facial expression.

It’s been a long time since the last update, but the updates should be more frequent now that I am using new web-development software on my home Mac. First off, I’m excited to announce that Brandon Ingham and Tylar Callaham have joined the band to play drums and guitar, respectively. We’ve had three practices with this lineup and there is no doubt in my mind the band is now sounding better than ever. You can expect to hear more originals from our upcoming and future CDs, as well as intense jams with alternating guitar solos, killer bass lines, and rock steady drumming.

Speaking of CDs, TPT is returning to the study on Friday (8/1/2014) to begin recording the final three songs for our debut CD. Our hope is that the CD will be completed in September and the release party will be sometime in October or November. Although there may be a few suprises, here is the track list for the CD (in no specific order):



New York State

Fade Into You

Leaving Soon



Ballad of Rick

F# minor thing (untitled)

As I mentioned in a previous blog, this CD will not include any of our blues tunes. However, we are planning to immediately begin the blues CD after the above tracks are complete. In other words, there shouldn’t be much lag between the release of the CDs. So, don’t dismay if you were looking forward to a CD similar to our live shows… it’s in the works and will likely include the full lineup (i.e., Tylar and Brandon).

Finally, Gibby from the Aaron Woods Band sat-in and played keyboard during our practice last Sunday, and he absolutely killed it. It looks like he is going to play some shows with us, which will definitely take our sound to a whole new level. Maybe we’ll be able to talk him into joining the band as a full member…

That’s it for now. I’ll try to post some photos and videos after the studio session on Friday, so be sure to check back often.